KIC Female Entrepreneurs Hackathon 2019

The KIC Female Entrepreneurs Hackathon is part of the KIC Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2019 organised by the Kosmos Innovation Center for female entrepreneurs across all 16 regions of Ghana.

The 3-day bootcamp brings together young female entrepreneurship enthusiasts from around Ghana to a common platform to learn, build capacity and innovate on agribusiness in Ghana. It is seeking to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Ghana, through educating and informing about the possibilities and the opportunities available for adding social and economic value through agribusiness.

The hackathon which will take place on the last day of the bootcamp is aimed at getting all participants to use their learnings to come up with innovations to practical problems in Ghana's agri-business value chain.

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Souveniers and Bragging Rights

The winner gets Kosmos Innovation Center Souvenirs and bragging rights of the winner of the first KIC Female Hackathon.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:



A. The Hackathon IS open to:

  • Individuals who are participants of the KIC Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2019
  • Teams of up to 5 Eligible Individuals who are all participating in the KIC Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2019.

B. The Hackathon IS NOT open to:

  • Individuals or teams who are not participants of the KIC Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2019



Bootcamp participants must do the following to participate in the Hackathon:

  • Register for the Hackathon on the Hackathon Website. To complete registration, sign up to create a Devpost account, or log in with an existing Devpost account. There is no charge for creating a Devpost account. This will enable you to receive important updates and access the “Enter a Submission” page.
  • To submit an idea, click on the "Enter a submission" button after registering for a Devpost account and then submit your entry.


Ivy Barley

Ivy Barley
CEO / Developers In Vogue

Florence Toffa

Florence Toffa
Director / Mobile Web Ghana

Kamil Nabong
Entrepreneur Coach / KIC

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and Creativity
    Did the team come up with a good solution to the initial problem or challenge? How creative has the team been in solving the challenge? Did they come up with a radical approach, or did they follow existing patterns and solutions?
  • Business Model
    Feasibility, economic and societal value and sustainability define the “business model”. Is the idea feasible, does it have economic and societal value, and is it sustainable?
  • Value
    How relevant is the idea's use case to Ghana's agri-business value chain? Can it be sold effectively? How quickly does the value become apparent upon initial adoption?
  • Pitch
    Was the pitch convincing enough, was it short and to the point, and what about enthusiasm of the team? Were the judges able to clearly understand (a)what the problem and solution are, (b)business model and how the team intends to execute etc?